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Wait! Before You Get An Abortion, Make Sure You’re Actually Pregnant.

You may not be pregnant.

"No way.  I've taken 4 pregnancy tests and they were all positive. How can I not be pregnant?"

False positives do happen.

"But I thought pregnancy tests were 99% accurate."

Most pregnancy tests are 99% accurate - when used in a laboratory setting by a trained technician. That accuracy decreases with the age, handling, and storage of the test itself, and add to that an inexperienced operator impatiently waiting on results and accuracy can be seriously compromised.

In addition, elevated levels of HCG (the hormone pregnancy tests detect) can come from other sources, such as in vitro fertilization injections, ectopic pregnancy, or uterine cancer. If you've recently had an abortion, HCG levels can remain high if there is any fetal tissue left behind.

There is also the possibility that your pregnancy could resolve on its own. 1 in 5 pregnancies ends naturally before 7 weeks. And many abortion clinics don't perform the ultrasound necessary to determine whether the fetus is healthy enough to maintain a pregnancy.

You may not need an abortion.

Call CompassCare for a free pregnancy confirmation and free ultrasound. Find out for sure. Your decision about your unplanned pregnancy should be based on a full health assessment and thorough, unbiased information.

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