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Abortion? Get Facts, Not Fears

If I keep this baby like I want to, I’m going to be the one everyone will be shaking their head at, whispering about, and avoiding. I’ll have to endure everyone’s ridicule and stares. I’ve seen it firsthand – it will be horrible.

But if I have an abortion… I just don’t think I could live with myself. I’ll admit, the idea of just not being pregnant anymore seems so easy – the perfect answer.

But it’s a baby. My baby. I’m torn about what to do.

I heard about CompassCare on the radio. I remembered their ad saying it was my decision. When I called, the woman was so caring. And when I came in for my appointment, I was totally convinced that I needed to keep this baby. But I was scared. My nurse sat down with me and told me I wasn’t alone and how other women have had their babies and were glad they did, despite what others thought. She told me how I could get the support I needed in places I never knew existed.

I know I’ll be fine and I’m glad I made the right decision. Every girl facing an unplanned pregnancy should be able to make a choice based on facts, not fears.

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