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Am I Really Pregnant?

“We’re able to bring the patient in and truly, through the tool of stenography,
turn her theoretical, ‘I think I’m pregnant’ into ‘I sure am pregnant, and there’s my baby’
by letting her see the heartbeat of that baby on that screen.”

Common symptoms of pregnancy include:

  • missed period
  • swollen or tender breasts
  • increased fatigue
  • nausea
  • increased urination

Most home pregnancy tests are “quite accurate” (previously “up to 99% accurate” when used correctly) at measuring the pregnancy hormone hCG. If you’ve taken a home pregnancy test and received a positive result it does not guarantee that you have a viable pregnancy (one that will naturally continue). On the other hand even if you’re receiving a negative pregnancy test result and are not experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, you may still be pregnant. And the answer can be more complex than a pink line. Every woman needs her pregnancy confirmed by a medical professional.

A medical examination using ultrasound technology is the quickest and easiest way to to confirm if you are pregnant and exactly how far along you are.

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