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Better Off Dead Than Alive?

Listen, my life sucked already. When that home test came back positive I was stunned. And scared. I was just a few days late getting my depot shot… I didn’t think it mattered.

Now this.

There’s no way I could bring a baby into this world. Don’t get me wrong, my mom was great and all. Sometimes I wondered how she did it, raising 4 of us alone. But my baby deserves a better life, you know? I want my baby to have a home, and a real dad… this baby is not gonna go through what I did—not if I have anything to say about it.

I just wanted to protect my baby from the life I had to live. But would it really be better off…dead?

I knew I needed some help. A friend told me about CompassCare, so I gave them a call. I still can’t believe how nice they were. Sometimes at the clinic I felt like just a number, but at CompassCare they were really concerned about me. They helped me think through all my options, like what kind of abortion I could get, and adoption, and what kind of support I had for parenting.

They helped me make the choice that was best for me. They gave me hope—a sense that I could do this life.

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