You Won't Be Treated Like a Number at CompassCare
You Won’t Be Treated Like a Number at CompassCare

Women who come to CompassCare are continually happy with the care they receive. That’s because the staff at CompassCare truly understands your situation. We treat every call with sensitivity, every appointment professionally, and each patient ethically and with dignity. You are never a number here. CompassCare is different from other healthcare providers because we: Provide […]

Where is the Best Place to Get Pre-Abortion Care?
Where is the Best Place to Get Pre-Abortion Care?

If you’re looking for a professional medical office where you can receive confidential services, thorough information, and compassionate care regarding your unplanned pregnancy, you’re in the right place. CompassCare is Rochester’s best choice for abortion information and pre-abortion care.  The nurses here are seasoned practitioners who are sensitive to both the unique emotional and physical […]

Pro-Choice: Isn’t it About Your Freedom?

For most people, pro-choice means a woman’s right to choose what she wants to do with her own body.  Webster’s defines it simply as “favoring the legalization of abortion.”  But do either of those statements accurately define the term “pro-choice”? The literal meaning of the two words combined suggests a highly different concept – pro: […]

Is Your Medical Provider Treating You Ethically?

Medical providers hold immense power through their knowledge of the body, power which can be used ethically as a servant for the public good, or selfishly for personal gain. Because of the power and influence medical professionals have over your rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” they have been held to a […]