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I’m Not Sure If I Want an Abortion

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, it’s common to consider the option of abortion. However, the doubts and fears associated with that choice may be stronger than you anticipated.  If you’re not sure that abortion is right for you, take some time and get informed about all of your options.

Abortion alternatives include both parenting and adoption.  Your current medical condition, future reproductive health goals, personal experience, and spiritual beliefs will all greatly influence your decision – however, external pressures should not.  This is your choice.

Selecting a health care provider that specializes in unplanned pregnancy and supports your autonomy is a great first step.  Be aware that facilities that provide abortion services can stand to profit financially from your decision.  A good provider will make your health and future, not their personal agenda, a top priority.

By offering confidential medical services, unbiased information and nonjudgmental support, over 80% of women seriously considering having an abortion who visit the caring environment of a CompassCare facility, feel empowered enough to have their babies.

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“The mission of CompassCare is to erase the need for abortion by transforming women’s fear into confidence.
To not eliminate her anxiety – because that’s impossible – but to reduce it enough such that her thinking
isn’t driven by fear. It’s driven by confidence. It’s driven by information.”