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Let’s Cut Right to the Chase

You already know who you are – your identity – or at least what people expect of you. You’re today’s woman. Your internal billboards are splashed with words like College Graduate, Career Woman, Independent, Confident, and Changing the World. It’s all planned out.

But the pregnancy test you hold in your hands says that all might change. Your future, your identity, the core of who you are, is about to be altered.  You have a decision to make.

Frankly, whatever you decide will affect your identity. You will be changed.

But there’s something else you’re considering, isn’t there? It is not only your identity that concerns you, it’s the baby’s. Your baby has an identity too. He or she has internal billboards that are just as strong as yours. Can you live with the knowledge that theirs will never see the light of day?

We understand your dilemma. Talk to nurses who have been there and lived to talk about.

Real Choices. Your Decision.

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