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Insights in reproductive health research and practice from CompassCare's medical team.

Women Looking for Abortion Info Visit CompassCare First

You’re in the right place! More than 1400 women (and 500 men) visit this website per month for more information regarding their unplanned pregnancy, STDs and to schedule free healthcare services. CompassCare is one of the leading websites for information about abortion in Rochester, NY. Whether you’re interested in knowing more about what types of […]

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Can I Get an Abortion Today?

You just found out you’re pregnant and no doubt you want to put this situation behind you—as soon as possible and as privately as possible. “Where can I get an abortion right now?” First, take a deep breath and know that you actually don’t have to do anything today. You’re already in the process of […]

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I Changed My Mind: Can I Stop My Medical Abortion?

If you are searching for help after a medical abortion, you are IN THE RIGHT PLACE. It IS possible to reverse the abortion pill. But time is critical. If you’ve taken the first pill and have changed your mind, it’s not too late to stop your abortion. Call us at (585) 633-8883 right away. CompassCare […]

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Where to Get a Safe Abortion

The US has come a long way in making abortion “safe and affordable for all women.” However, abortion does have risks. This fact is true for abortion providers in Rochester and throughout the US, whether medical services are provided within an affluent neighborhood or a poverty-stricken one. The risk associated with any medical procedure does […]

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Can I Buy the Abortion Pill Online?

WARNING: Do not risk your life by taking an abortion pill purchased online. The idea of going to a clinic and waiting anxiously in an examination room for the pills you need to end your pregnancy seems less than ideal. If there was some way you could get started on solving this problem right now, […]

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