Take a Deep Breath

Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy today?  No doubt you feel like you need to resolve this crisis quickly.  The nurses at CompassCare understand how you’re feeling.  Meet Kathy.


“I understand that you’re pregnant and that’s a scary thing for you, and that your feeling like you have all of these plans in front of you that you were hoping to do this year and that’s kind of up in the air now that you’re pregnant – and you don’t want to trade that off for a baby. On the other hand, this is reality. So I’m encouraging you to just think about it for awhile, and don’t feel pressured into making a choice before you’re ready to make a choice. Why don’t we talk about what the options are? We’ll think about it for a little bit so that you’re not facing feeling regret; making a decision in the spur of the moment under the pressure of circumstances in life right now and all of the voices that come against you right now. This is your decision. This is your life. And we’re here to help support you in processing your options and finding what will work for you.

“My name is Kathey Mauer and I’m a staff nurse at CompassCare in Rochester.”

Kathy Mauer and our other nurses are ready to talk with you.  Schedule a free appointment today.

Let’s Cut Right to the Chase

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Has the Term Embryo Been Redefined?

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Am I Really Pregnant?

“We’re able to bring the patient in and truly, through the tool of stenography, turn her theoretical, ‘I think I’m pregnant’ into ‘I sure am pregnant, and there’s my baby’ by letting her see the heartbeat of that baby on that screen.” Common symptoms of pregnancy include: missed period swollen or tender breasts increased fatigue […]