I’m Not Sure If I Want an Abortion

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, it’s common to consider the option of abortion. However, the doubts and fears associated with that choice may be stronger than you anticipated.  If you’re not sure that abortion is right for you, take some time and get informed about all of your options. Abortion alternatives include both parenting […]

Am I Really Pregnant?

“We’re able to bring the patient in and truly, through the tool of stenography, turn her theoretical, ‘I think I’m pregnant’ into ‘I sure am pregnant, and there’s my baby’ by letting her see the heartbeat of that baby on that screen.” Common symptoms of pregnancy include: missed period swollen or tender breasts increased fatigue […]

Feeling Pressured?

Over half of all American women facing unplanned pregnancies report feeling pressured, or coerced, into choosing an abortion.  Pressure can come from anywhere – a partner, parent, sibling, friend, employer, or even a medical professional. “Most of the pressures that we see are brought by those people that she cares about.It’s really important for us […]