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Is It Possible to Have a Home Abortion?

WARNING: Do not risk your life by attempting a “natural abortion remedy.”

If you’re searching online for an at-home way to end your pregnancy, you probably found a wide range of half-information. While a do-it-yourself abortion may sound ideal when you want to keep your secret between you and the walls, in reality, at-home abortion methods you may find online are far from guaranteed. The abortive properties of natural oral remedies are neither scientifically proven nor medically supported due to the risks and unknowns involved.

There is a danger to living in the information age – anyone can post information on any topic, regardless of whether they are an authority on the matter. Will you trust your health to just anyone?

Many sites claim one natural cure for unplanned pregnancy is to eat fruits high in vitamin C, such as papaya or pineapple. However, a pregnant woman can safely consume up to 2000mg of vitamin C per day. In order to exceed those safe levels, you’d have to eat at least 23 cups of papaya or 4 1/2 pineapples per day, which is totally unreasonable. But more important is that vitamin C in these excessive amounts can not only harm your fetus, but you as well,  causing blood clotting, red blood cell destruction, and even heart-related death1. And herbs like pennyroyal can cause irreversible liver or kidney damage2; black cohosh can worsen existing breast, uterine or ovarian cancer3, and not enough is even known about herbs like mugwort to determine whether they are safe to consume at all.

“[A]t best, there is only a very slight increase in the rate of abortion with vitamin C over spontaneous miscarriage. Considering the very small sample size, poor data quality, and complete lack of rigor [of studies found online] it is safe to say this is either just completely false or normal noise with no statistical significance at all.” “[T]here are simply no sources out there that say anything else about vitamin C and abortion.”4

The best medical abortion information will never come from the internet because the faceless authors don’t know your current or past medical health, and they can’t diagnose your current condition. You might also consider the fact that if no one knows that you’re planning a home abortion, will anyone know how to help you if something goes wrong?

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