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Insights in reproductive health research and practice from CompassCare's medical team.

What is Laminaria, How is It Used in Abortion, and Are There Risks ?

What it is Laminaria? Laminaria is a kind of seaweed that can be sterilized, rolled and dried to create a thin stick or “tent” that can be inserted into the cervix to force dilation. There is a synthetic version of currently available in the United States called Dilapan-STM Also known as osmotic dilators, both are […]

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Google Reviews: What to Make of Them

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You Won’t Be Treated Like a Number at CompassCare

Women who come to CompassCare are continually happy with the care they receive. That’s because the staff at CompassCare truly understands your situation. We treat every call with sensitivity, every appointment professionally, and each patient ethically and with dignity. You are never a number here. CompassCare is different from other healthcare providers because we: Provide […]

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Where is the Best Place to Get Pre-Abortion Care?

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Is It Possible to Have a Home Abortion?

WARNING: Do not risk your life by attempting a “natural abortion remedy.” If you’re searching online for an at-home way to end your pregnancy, you probably found a wide range of half-information. While a do-it-yourself abortion may sound ideal when you want to keep your secret between you and the walls, in reality, at-home abortion […]

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