You Won't Be Treated Like a Number at CompassCare
You Won’t Be Treated Like a Number at CompassCare

Women who come to CompassCare are continually happy with the care they receive. That’s because the staff at CompassCare truly understands your situation. We treat every call with sensitivity, every appointment professionally, and each patient ethically and with dignity. You are never a number here. CompassCare is different from other healthcare providers because we: Provide […]

Where to Get a Safe Abortion
Where to Get a Safe Abortion

The US has come a long way in making abortion “safe and affordable for all women.” However, abortion does have risks. This fact is true for abortion providers in Rochester, Buffalo, and throughout the US, whether medical services are provided within an affluent neighborhood or a poverty-stricken one. The risk associated with any medical procedure […]

abortion decision
Abortion: Before You Decide

Before any type of medical procedure, a good doctor will use the following steps: Assessment Diagnosis Discuss Treatment Options Treatment Follow-up We believe that the best decision is an informed decision, one make after you have all the information available to you about your current health and the impacts of all of your options. In […]