Can I Get a Same-Day Abortion?

Sep 1, 2017Abortion, Options, Unplanned Pregnancy

While it may be possible to start a medical abortion today, should you? Making a major decision in haste and under pressure can lead to significant emotional and psychological damage later on.

Any major life event change can be stressful and stress effects how you make decisions. The ideal life you had pictured for yourself is now on the line. When we are faced with the loss of our dreams, we tend to take weightier risks.1 Add to that the pressure you are feeling to make a quick decision about your unplanned pregnancy and your options seem to become non-options.

Take a breath. You have time to get more information and an unbiased voice to help you navigate your choices with a level head. Your final decision to get an abortion or continue your pregnancy can be made from a perspective of informed confidence and backed by caring support.

CompassCare provides same and next day appointments for free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and consultations. Let us lay out your options and answer all of your abortion questions in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.

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1 “Under Pressure: Stress and Decision Making.” Association for Psychological Science, Juy/August 2010,

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