Attending College Pregnant: You Can Do It!

Jul 18, 2019Pregnancy, Unplanned Pregnancy

Pregnancy will bring challenges, no doubt. And as a college student, those challenges can feel doubly difficult. College is a stressful time – course loads, a job, friends and more all demand your time and attention. Being pregnant can up-level this already pressure-filled chapter of your life – but it doesn’t have to. Yes, it will be a challenge and it will look different than you expected, but it is possible for you to be successful attending college pregnant. You’re not alone.

Here are five areas where you can be proactive while navigating your new normal of pregnancy and college.

Tips for Managing Pregnancy as a College Student

1) Adopt a Positive Outlook

Try your best to stay positive. It can be easy to feel discouraged because your life isn’t unfolding as you envisioned. But you are now headed in another exciting direction! Remember the reasons you chose to keep your baby and that he/she is your new plan. Try to avoid negative self-talk, and look for support and enjoyment around you.

2) Have a Plan

You’ll need to prepare for the restrictions pregnancy can bring to college life. For instance, you may need to make changes to your class schedules, including taking fewer classes per semester or giving yourself longer breaks between each class. You will need to help your friends and professors understand your new schedule. You may also need to arrange for a new, more supportive housing arrangement – one that will be baby-friendly. Planning ahead will help you keep one eye on the future and in charge of your life.

3) Accept Help

You may be accustomed to doing everything on your own, and while being independent is an excellent quality, this is a good time to let your guard down and accept help as a good thing. If someone offers to help you in a way that will make your life easier, graciously accept it. You don’t have to do this alone.

4) Be Ready to Be Flexible

College classes run on set schedules with firm due dates and requirements. Pregnancy, on the other hand, is unpredictable by nature. You might wake up not feeling well, have to leave lecture more than once to use the bathroom, or have doctor appointments conflicting with your class schedule. Try to plan ahead as much as possible, but also to try to remain flexible with your commitments. Look into solutions such as online classes or flexible scheduling. Don’t make appointments that you aren’t sure you’ll be able to keep. And make sure you talk to others, such as your professors, advisors, or classmates, so they can manage their expectations as well.

5) Find Your Balance

Finally, remember that college isn’t just about what you learn in class. It’s also about learning responsibility and about following through on your commitments. Balance your classes and homework with time off to relax, exercise, or be with friends and family. This will help you destress and feel healthier, which will make both school and pregnancy easier.

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