Should I Keep the Baby?

Aug 23, 2011Adoption, Options, Pregnancy, Unplanned Pregnancy

Being 17, 18, you kinda are only made to think of yourself – kinda selfish when you’re in highschool.

Um, I did want to go to college – I wanted to go to cosmetology school. I didn’t have a job.

And now, having my son, I have a job as a manager and I’m going to college and I plan to be a doctor.

So, my life has changed all around because of him. He’s made me see the bigger outcome in life and not only myself.

Deciding between parenting or adoption?

Parenting demands responsibility, commitment, and often outside assistance.  A good support system is key to being successful at and enjoying this role. Being a parent is possible!

  • Information support can be attained through an unbiased, trusted provider.  CompassCare exists to help you to first make a well-informed choice about what to do with this unplanned pregnancy, then provides you with the resources you need to make the decisions to follow.
  • Emotional support can be found through groups and services, like the Teenage Parent Support Group at the Rochester Mental Health Association and programs at the YWCA.
  • Financial support is obtainable through many sources, especially if you’re a single parent.  Medical, housing and educational support through scholarships and grants are all available to young parents.

Adoption can be a caring alternative to parenting when raising a child is not right for you at this time in your life.  It can allow a family, who might not otherwise be able, experience the joys of parenting.  There are many great services right here in the Rochester area that can provide the caring support you need to assist you through the adoption process.

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