Google Reviews: What to Make of Them

Oct 30, 2017Stories

Most of CompassCare’s online reviews are either a 5 star or a 1. Why? Sadly, women’s reproductive health is an issue of political debate. Because of that, simply and quietly providing care to women facing unplanned pregnancy can be culturally and emotionally challenging. This translates into two kinds of reviews:

  1. Those provided by real patients like you
  2. Those provided by the politically motivated

Normally product or service reviews have a wide spectrum of opinion on the 1-5 star scale. It is curious that most of CompassCare’s reviews are either a one or a five with nothing in between. If you are a woman facing unplanned pregnancy and need ethical medical care consider that the five star reviews are not politically motivated. CompassCare is a service organization here for you, not a political agenda.

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