Pregnant: Either My Life or the Baby’s Life?

Jul 4, 2012Abortion, Unplanned Pregnancy

I didn’t know how I could possibly have this baby. Between school and work, and just trying to have a life…I couldn’t imagine trying to do all that and take care of a baby at the same time.

I mean, I wanted to have kids someday, but this was not in the plan. Not now, not like this. And definitely not with him. And where would I even get the money to raise a child?

It seemed like abortion was the only way out…like it was my life, or the baby’s life. I needed help. I knew I shouldn’t make that decision alone, but who could I trust?

That’s when I called CompassCare. I was afraid of being judged or someone finding out, but my nurse made me feel comfortable. She helped me think through all my options, and realize that my life had already changed, and it would keep changing no matter what I decided. She shared the options I had for abortion, and loads of great services that could help me out if I decided to parent…I had no idea there was so much help out there! I felt empowered to make the best choice for me and the baby—my life didn’t have to end when my baby’s began. I’m so glad I found CompassCare!

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