Unplanned Pregnancies Can Change the World

Dec 23, 2011Unplanned Pregnancy

Pregnant.  Young.  Alone.  Afraid.

Meet Mary.

She was from a small town… nowhere really.  The name of her hometown did not even merit a dot on the map.  Yet she found herself surprised by an unexpected pregnancy.  “How can this be?”  What would her parents think?  What would the townspeople say?  She would be an outcast.  Then there was her boyfriend.  Frankly, he may not believe her.  He may even think of leaving her.  This was not a simple decision. What about all of her hopes and dreams?

The decision Mary made not only changed her world, but continues to impact our world today.  Her decision was to be a mother.  Her son was born on Christmas Day and named Jesus, who represents hope in hopeless situations.

Maybe you recognize this famous story.  It’s not an uncommon one.  You’ve likely encountered similar stories without even realizing it:

  • Meet Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple.  Born to an unwed mother who allowed a loving couple to adopt him.
  • Meet Oprah Winfrey, famed speaker and CEO of self-named television network.  Daughter to a single mom who never married.
  • Meet Dave Thomas, founder of one of the top food chains in America.  Adopted when he was 6 weeks old.

Courageous women and unplanned pregnancies can change the world.

Real choices. Your decision.

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