Jan 23, 2012Pregnancy, Stories, Unplanned Pregnancy

The movie “Nine Months” (2001) takes a comical, but truthful look at the intense emotional roller coaster an unplanned pregnancy can take both the woman and a man on.

At one point, Sam (Hugh Grant), distressed by the fact that he might have to get rid of his car and his cat, screams at his pregnant girlfriend (Julianne Moore), “It hasn’t even been two months, and our life is unrecognizable!”  His distress, though hilarious, strikes a nerve.  He’s right.  Babies, from the moment of conception, change your life forever.

Your life may be unrecognizable, but not in a “your life is over; you’ll never see the light of day” way that Sam in the movie suggests. Instead, babies – planned or unplanned – force all of us to do something that is always a challenge: live for someone other than ourselves.

Turn your fear into confidence.

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