What About the Father of the Baby?

Jul 18, 2011Abortion, Unplanned Pregnancy

“I was so afraid that by making the decision to keep my son that he was gonna leave, or he was gonna be mad at me, and he wasn’t. He’s been very supportive. He was very supportive through the whole pregnancy and our relationship has become stronger than ever.”

Finding out you’re pregnant when you didn’t intend to be is difficult – for both you and your partner.  What if you don’t agree on what to do about this pregnancy?  Nearly 60% of men involved in unintended pregnancies are not willing to help in the decision making process.1

You both need the facts.  It’s important for you and your partner to visit a health care provider together that specializes in unexpected pregnancies where you can get the information you need to understand your options and weigh them carefully.  A quality provider will welcome the father through every step of the consultation and medical determination process.

It is the responsibility of you and your partner to decide what to do about this pregnancy.  If you find your are without the support of your partner, you still have the right to make an informed decision on your own.  The final say about this pregnancy will always be up to you.

Schedule your free consultation for you and your partner.  Remember, you don’t have to experience an unintended pregnancy alone.  Nurses are on staff and available for same day and next day appointments.

1 Guttmacher Institute, Teenagers’ Pregnancy Intentions and Decisions: A Study of Young Women in California Choosing to Give Birth; Decision-Making, January 1998, http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/or_teen_preg_survey.html, accessed July 1, 2011.

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