abortion and emotional health
Does Abortion Have Emotional Risks?

For most women, abortion is mentally, physically, and emotionally stressful.  The resulting emotional impact can often take on one or more of the following forms (includes the percentage of woman who experience them): Guilt (61%) Depression (53%) Anger (45%) Remorse (45%) Suicidal Thoughts (32%) Suicide Attempts (28%) Flashbacks to Abortion (28%) Several studies have been […]

Abortion Defined

abortion /abor·tion/ (ah-bor´shun) Also known as ‘pregnancy termination’, it refers to the separation of a fetus from its mother, either naturally or through medical or surgical intervention. When it happens naturally, it’s called a spontaneous abortion, also known as miscarriage. When it happens artificially, it’s called induced abortion. Medically, the term ‘abortion’ is used as […]