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Insights in reproductive health research and practice from CompassCare's medical team.

Doctors Who Provide Same-Day Abortions

Are there doctors who can initiate a medical abortion the same day you walk into their office? The answer is yes, they can start your abortion today. The question, however, isn’t whether they can, but whether they should. You trust your doctor to give you the best medical care possible. When you have a medical […]

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Can I Get a Same-Day Abortion?

While it may be possible to start a medical abortion today, should you? Making a major decision in haste and under pressure can lead to significant emotional and psychological damage later on. Any major life event change can be stressful and stress effects how you make decisions. The ideal life you had pictured for yourself […]

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Wait! Before You Get An Abortion, Make Sure You’re Actually Pregnant.

You may not be pregnant. “No way.  I’ve taken 4 pregnancy tests and they were all positive. How can I not be pregnant?” False positives do happen. “But I thought pregnancy tests were 99% accurate.” Most pregnancy tests are 99% accurate – when used in a laboratory setting by a trained technician. That accuracy decreases […]

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Are Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests Accurate?

$25 for a pregnancy test can be a bit pricey, especially when you want to buy two or three, just to make sure. A $1 pregnancy test seems like the way to go, but there’s that unnerving feeling that you may be “getting what you paid for.” Are all pregnancy tests the same? First, it’s […]

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Women Looking for Abortion Info Visit CompassCare First

You’re in the right place! More than 1400 women (and 500 men) visit this website per month for more information regarding their unplanned pregnancy, STDs and to schedule free healthcare services. CompassCare is one of the leading websites for information about abortion in Rochester, NY. Whether you’re interested in knowing more about what types of […]

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